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The members of Knot first met at the Fresh Legs 2018 Exhibition. A few months later a bunch of participants from Fresh Legs were invited to Heikes gallery in Kettinge, Denmark. There we came to talk about the importance of collaborative work and decided to form a collective. Since then we have exhibited together in Rovaniemi, Berlin and Paris.

Karmen Kraft - Xecon Uddin - Tuomas Korkalo - Oscar Rey - Katharina Schellenberger - Heike Arndt - Anne Louise Blicher - Jean-Baptiste MonninChloe Grove - Philipp Hauke - Koosha Moossavi - Vanessa Notley - Line Schølberg

Loïc Saulin - Attila Schwantz - Iván Prieto - Ornella Orlandini

Äntligen på väg, Överbränd terracotta.

From the exhibition Memories in Rovaniemi, nov, 2021. Arranged of Tuomas Korkalo.

Prints by Line Schølberg and installation by Attila Schwantz.


Me installing the work of Attila Schwantz

Part of Knot in Paris, where Xecon Uddin hosted us for an exhibitian at Galerie Menil 8. Jan, 2020.


Having drinks and doing a collaborative painting at the opening of Metamorphosis at Raum für drastische Maßnahmen, Berlin. This exhibition was organised by Karmen Kraft. Nov, 2019.


Me and Heike Arndt at the opening of Transit Berlin at Roskilde kunstforening /
Palæfløjen, Roskilde, DK. Oct 2019.

Oscar Rey and Ivan Prieto.


Heikes Gallery in Kettinge, DK. This is were we all met in 2018 to exhibit together and talk about the importance of collective work. 

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