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In this project i was very much inspired by walls in the public space. Each wall carries different levels of layers that each tell their part of a story. How and when the wall was built. About social and economical trends and standards. Also, how time has passed and how the wall has been affected by historical events, different owners or just people passing by.


By using and working with and against the properties of the clay I have tried to create a multilayered surface. In most works I have been putting monoprint on monoprint. I have been using brushes, drip sticks and sgraffito; several glaze firings and firing techniques. Different layers of clays, slips and glazes reacts on each other. 

Monoprint on porcelain
baglady Monoprint on porcelain
grupp för inbördes beundran Monoprint on porcelain.
individualism Monoprint on porcelain.
dagens sanning Monoprint on porcelain
gubbe wannabe mecenat Monoprint on porcelain.
om du ändå visste Monoprint on porcelain.
någon kallade mig baby Stoneware
kärleken är blind Monoprint on porcelain.
bara var dig själv Monoprint on porcelain.
på gott och ont Monoprint on porcelain.
kärlekens dualism Reduction fired monoprint on porcelain.
samma skit Monoprint on porcelain.
nu är det bara jag Monoprint on porcelain.
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